About FlamencoNZ

Flamenco NZ, founded by Maria Elena in 1993, is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It was set up with the aim to promote the Art of Flamenco in New Zealand in all its forms. Flamenco NZ offers classes in Dance, Guitar, Singing, Cajon and Palmas. Flamenco NZ also organises performances, creative concerts, workshops and lectures about Flamenco. Flamenco NZ acts as an agency offering local and foreign talent. Flamenco NZ would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who wants to learn or is interested in Flamenco, whether it be for fun, professional or fitness. Bienvenidos !


About Maria Elena

Maria founder of FlamencoNZ, has from a young age dedicated her life to the Flamenco Arts. Originally from Holland Maria moved to New Zealand in 1983. Over the last 27 years she has produced, directed and choreographed numerous Flamenco concerts.


Maria's personal flamenco encounters