Past Events

A Night in Granada 2002 The story is set in the Moorish Palace of the Alhambra in Granada in the year 1492. This is the year in which the famous palace fell into the hands of the Catholic king Ferdinand and his wife Isabel. It marked the end of Moorish era in Spain. The concert opens with the a female personification of Sultan Abd u Rahamn III danced by Maria and joined by three male contemporary servants dressed in exotic outfits. It symbolizes the life of music and arts at the Alhambra in the 15th century. Later on we see an exciting dance choreography in which three Arab princesses are chased by three Catholic soldiers. Another stunning dance is an old Fandangos with three male dancers and six female dancers all dressed in red. Dancer on poster: Cristiana Carossi. Special guests is the Khurdish band Roshgar.





El Cafe de Chinitas





Gypsy Passion 2





Gypsy Passion





Entre Dos Aguas